Lauren & Loren

"I'll start by saying, I was not looking forward to taking photos at my wedding. I didn't think I'd be able to take myself seriously enough to pull off the posed "ok, now look into each other's eyes" shots. Now that the big day has passed and the pictures have come in, I can only say I wish we had invested in more time with Tara and her husband. Of course she's a highly talented photographer, but what makes her so unique and wonderful from my perspective, is her thoughtfulness, attention to detail and ability to make you feel at ease in front of the camera. From our first call and beautifully curated "Excited to work together" gift, to her poise and approachability, to the final photographs and personalized photo box that matched our wedding theme - Tara truly made our special day, that much more special!"

Chelsea & Tim

"I had Tara photograph my wedding and I am so glad I did! I received so many breathtaking photos of my special day. In addition, she was organized, professional and kind all throughout the wedding process! My mother also commented on how wonderful she was! I hope to be able to book with Tara in the future as well!"


"I've worked with Tara three separate times, and each time is a unique and amazing experience. Tara's willingness to work with you and your ideas is great, and if she doesn't think it'll work, she'll gladly offer suggestions on how to make your photoshoot the best it can be. Her attention to detail, from props and hair details, to the final packaging of the product is perfect. Each photo shows her passion and her love for the work she does.
Each shoot the photos have turned out so perfect and wonderful. I try and get photos with Tara as much as I can, as I think she just captures the beauty around her and makes her clients feel like the most important people. She's such a sweet, compassionate, lovely human and I am so glad to experience shoots with her as well as be her friend and support.
I cannot recommend Tara enough! You will be so grateful for the experience and the photos!"