I am so excited for your upcoming wedding day!

Please fill out this form so we may discuss family and bridal party formal photos at our final meeting. I will be working closely with your wedding planner to ensure we have the perfect timeline to capture these images!

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
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Bride's Cell Number
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
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Groom's Cell Number
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Confirm Address for Final Gallery Delivery
Family & Bridal Party Members
Please include first & last names, ie: Father - John Handsome
Please include first & last names, ie: Father - John Handsome
First and last names and the names of their parents. Additionally, please let me know if you have a pet involved in the wedding.
Please anticipate 3-5 minutes for each set of images. All group shots should be clearly defined with each person's name. The example below shows family relation as demonstration and does not need to be included in your list. After I receive your full list, I will organize in a way that I believe will be most efficient and give you a final time count of how long we anticipate capturing these images to take. Please email me if you have any questions before submitting your list! Example Portrait List: Bride & Groom with Lisa (bride's mom) & Joe (bride's dad) Bride & Groom with Lisa, Joe, Kevin (bride's brother), Sarah (bride's sister) Bride & Groom with Kevin & Sarah and so on...
Design & Decor
The more I know about the details you've planned, the more I can accurately preserve them in your photos. Examples Include: heirloom jewelry, flowers used due to special meaning, reception tables given unique names, specialty guest gifts, and any other thoughtful detail you've incorporated into your day.
Travel Time & Hot Meal
Do you understand we, the Photographers, will need ample time to travel between venues and eat a provided hot meal if the event is at least 6 hours long? *